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QuakeGuardian holds your wine bottles securely to your wine rack. QuakeGuardian - Protecting your investment one bottle at a time.
QuakeGuardian Products and Video

QuakeGuardian® Wine Guard System and WineTagIt!®

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Introducing WineTagIt!®

Do you find it frustrating to pull several wines off your wine rack, trying to find an elusive bottle?

WineTagIt!® is an attractive wine tag system designed to help you identify your wines when they are resting in your wine rack. It is an easy and cost-effective way to keep track of the content of your wine cellar. With these wine bottle tags, you are able to identify individual bottles in your wine rack without disturbing your collection. No more endless searching for your favorite vintage! WineTagIt!® gives you all the information you need to find that specific bottle. Just look at the wine tags! Whether you have a collection of hundreds, or just a few wine bottles in your collection, WineTagIt!® is a much better way to identify and present your wines!

Wine bottle tags are made of paper and are pre-inserted into clear vinyl holders.

Simply squeeze the sides of the wine tag holder on the edges to pull the tag out. Write the year and name of that bottle Any additional information about the wine can be written on the back of the wine tag. Re-insert the tag into the holder. Then hang the WineTagIt!® wine tag over the neck of the bottle!

WineTagIt!® is a unique wine label system because you can use the tag holders over and over. Just remove and replace a tag when you have used up a bottle of wine. It’s ready for the next bottle! Extra tags also available.

WineTagIt!® wine tags are available in distinctive gold-tone or black to best match your wine rack and collection. Gold WineTagIt!®’s are great for color coding whites; the black wine tags are equally suitable for reds!

WineTagIt!® adds an attractive touch to your wine bottles from the cellar to the table!

WineTagIt!® has a diameter of 1 ½ inches and is perfectly made to fit Champaign bottle necks and all standard wine bottles, even those with flange tops.

For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, pull the wine bottle tag out of the holder, turn it over to the blank side, and write your special message such as, “I Love You” or “Happy Birthday”.


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WineTagIt!® and  QuakeGuardian® available at:

JV Wine & Spirits — Napa, CA

Benziger Winery — Sonoma, CA

Homewood Winery — Sonoma, CA

The Bottle Barn — Santa Rosa, CA

Wine Hardware — Walnut Creek, CA

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