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QuakeGuardian holds your wine bottles securely to your wine rack. QuakeGuardian - Protecting your investment one bottle at a time.
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My house sits on top of the Rogers Creek fault, and is a few miles from the Maacama and San Andreas faults. The county's earthquake maps show nothing but red where my house sits when describing the potential for shaking and ground displacement. I sleep easier at night knowing that my wine is protected by QuakeGuardian. With 1000 bottles on display, there's a lot to lose. Fortunately, they're all leashed with QuakeGuardian.
Scot N.

"I live less than five miles from the San Andreas Fault, so I consider Quake Guardian an essential part of my cellar! The installation took some time, but went smoothly. I chose a model without attached tags. The components are discrete, yet have a high quality appearance. Highly recommended for anyone in quake country!"
Rich S.

We have spent the last few weekends building a wine rack and figuring out how to secure it so the whole rack doesn’t tip in an earthquake. It is shocking that no one has developed an earthquake safe RACK…perhaps your next product? I think with your guards plus the various modifications we’ve made to a build-it-yourself kit, we have made one. Everything else in the house will collapse but the wine will be safe!

After feeling the ripple effects of a 7.2 earthquake, I decided it was time to take some reasonable steps to protect my family. Buying Quakeguardian’s product for holding wine bottles in place is just a smart idea. Not that my cheaper bottles of wine need protection, but I figure the glass from broken wine bottles stepped on in the dark after an earthquake, would certainly impact my family’s ability to get out safely. I love the product as it does what it says it does, they are easy to use, and fairly priced.

I did get the tags in time for Christmas so that was much appreciated. They are great and exactly as displayed on your website. They are going to work great in our cellar. I will be needing some more but want to get these once in place and then I can see what I will need. I also would like to look at your earth quake racking system. There may be a need for some of that as well.
Scott O, From Canada

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