QuakeGuardian for Wine Bottle Racks
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QuakeGuardian holds your wine bottles securely to your wine rack. QuakeGuardian - Protecting your investment one bottle at a time.
About QuakeGuardian

QuakeGuardian® - Earthquake protection for wine

Welcome to QuakeGuardian.com®
Our office is located in Novato, in beautiful Marin County, California. Novato has often been referred to as “The Gateway to the Wine Country”. Sonoma and Napa counties lie just to the north on Highway 101. With over 340 wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties alone, this is a beautiful place to live. World-renowned wineries like Sebastiani, Benziger, and Silver Oak are located here, just to name a few! See an overview of the California Wine Country.

Our parent company, Sterling Products was created in late 2004 and has expanded from one idea; “To protect your collection of wine from damage during an earthquake”. This includes protecting wine from unexpected accidents, as well.

Greeting From Ed Schmidt
I am an inventor who likes to create, and I have always made things for my family and myself. One morning while trying to sleep, an idea to make a wine rack at my house popped into my head. My next thought after building the rack was, how do I protect the wine bottles from earthquakes? Living in the state of California made this an important and relevant question. I could not get the thought out of my head. After some checking around, I discovered that no one made a product that would protect wine bottles from damage during an earthquake. Sure, there are wine racks that are built deeper and at a slight incline so the bottle has more room to move, but will this stop the wine bottle from being launched out the front of the rack during an earthquake?

My idea became what we now call QuakeGuardian, a device that holds the wine bottles in place on the rack during an earthquake. Please watch our video to see how QuakeGuardian™ can protect your wine collection!

We also wanted a Wine Label System™ to help identify your wine without removing it from the rack. We created a tag hanging from the neck of the bottle on which you can write down information about the wine. So, out of one idea came another. This idea was named, "Wine Tag It!™”.

Browse our site to find more information about these products or purchase them in our store!

Sterling Products, Inc. will have other products available in the future. So, visit often!

Thanks again,

Ed Schmidt
President - Sterling Products, Inc.

Installing QuakeGuardian

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